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Nutrition and Health

Do you want to learn about food, nutrition and health? Look no further, as Cresco Safe offers nutrition courses in India and the Middle East

Who can take up this course? 

If you are someone passionate about learning in-depth about food nutrition and the overall positive impact of balanced meals on health, this nutrition course offered by our institution is a great pick for you. 

Cresco Safe’s Nutrition course (in India and Middle East) structure 

The Highfield Level 3 International Award in Nutrition and Health training will need approximately 15 hours of learning and the Highfield Level 2 International Award in Nutrition and Health course requires 5 hours of learning.

  • Students will understand the fundamentals of food and nutrition
  • The course will benefit learners with a better knowledge of healthy eating and lifestyle changes.
  • Students can learn and plan meals for those on special diets, including planning meals for individuals with medical care, those with allergies, vegans, vegetarians and diets for different faiths.
  • The course will describe various food preparation techniques that maintain the nutritional value of foods. 

The nutrition and health course qualification is assessed by a multiple-choice examination. 

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