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About Cresco Safe

We are a team of passionate experts in Food Safety and HSE with a vision of providing industry-leading services with utmost perfection and excellence. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with industry-specific expertise who are dedicated to associating with all sectors to ensure compliance with regulations by offering a wide range of services tailored to our clients' needs.

Our experts are highly skilled and excel in the fields of food safety and HSE, ensuring that all our services are delivered with dedication and to the highest standards. To make this possible, our team shares their knowledge and experience with clients who wish to pursue a career in food safety or health and safety through our interactive sessions.

At Cresco Safe, we offer courses accredited by various boards across the UK, USA and UAE. We provide internationally recognized professional qualifications related to Health, Safety & Environment, boosting an individual's career in safety. We cater to diverse business organizations, such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, small-scale and large-scale food establishments, etc., providing them with the vital skills, knowledge, and certifications they require to grow safely, swiftly, and smoothly.


Our objective is to attain market leadership in Food Safety, Health, Safety & Environment while providing top-notch service. We plan to achieve this by offering internationally recognized professional qualifications, tailoring courses to meet specific needs, and incorporating cutting-edge technology and best practices. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional safety education and training coupled with outstanding service excellence.


To educate and emphasize the importance of safety in all walks of life and thereby paving the way towards a safer world.

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