Objectives of the IOSH Managing Safely Course

The overall aim of the IOSH Managing Safely course is for managers and supervisors to acquire knowledge and practical skills to manage health and safety in their workplace.

Who should attend the IOSH Managing Safely Course

The training is intended for managers and supervisors, in any sector and any size of organisation, with health and safety responsibilities. IOSH Managing Safely is also suitable for directors and owners of smaller organisations who need to implement a safety management system.

IOSH Managing Safely course content

The course duration is split over 4 days and is broken down into 8 modules: covering the key areas of managing safely. To complete the course candidates are required to undertake a multi-format assessment and a short workplace based practical project. The project work must be completed and returned to us within 7 days of the course completion. Candidates who successfully complete the assessments at the end of the course are awarded the IOSH Managing Safely Certificate.

  • Module 1 ~ Introducing Managing Safely
  • Module 2 ~ Assessing risks
  • Module 3 ~ Controlling risks
  • Module 4 ~ Understanding your responsibilities
  • Module 5 ~ Identifying hazards
  • Module 6 ~ Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Module 7 ~ Measuring performance
  • Module 8 ~ Protecting our environment


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